Sheldon Breiner  Curriculum Vitae

Sheldon Breiner is the principal in New Ventures West, a sole proprietorship used as his personal high tech business incubator. He is the Chairman and founder of Wireless Note Systems, Inc., a Palo Alto, California-based startup developing software, web-based services and a proprietary wireless device for sending and storing handwritten notes on the Internet and for electronically-coded signatures for e-commerce transactions (Writo). He is a director of ESP, Inc., a Los Altos, California-based provider of Internet-based software and services to the Environmental MIS markets. Breiner is the president of Solis Therapeutics, Inc., co-founded with Stanford University principals to cure infectious diseases and cancer with patented recombinant techniques (Solis). He is a Director of 3DGeo Development, Inc. a provider of software and Internet-based seismic imaging services to the petroleum industry and recently a Director of, an American company which operates the largest Internet portal in Russia.

He was co-founder and CEO of PML, Inc., which developed proprietary technology licensed to Schlumberger, Western Atlas and ARCO for identifying oil and gas around and between existing wells and which was sold to Baker Hughes in '97. He was the founder and president for 15 years of GeoMetrics, Inc., manufacturer of land, marine and airborne geophysical instruments and world-wide airborne geophysical survey contractor for oil and mineral exploration sold to EG&G, later repurchased by management, now a San Jose-based subsidiary of OYO Corp. of Japan.

He was an investor and former director of OSI, a publicly held manufacturer of wafer inspection stations for the semiconductor industry. As an entrepreneur, he continues to be active in aiding and/or investing in startup high technology companies. He was the seed investor in such companies as Calera (sold to Caere), Rental Electronics (sold to Genstar); a founding director of Sherpa Corporation, a 200-person company, sold in '99 to a public company, providing engineering data management software to the manufacturing and service industry; the founder of Syntelligence (a software company providing expert systems for commercial lending and commercial underwriting for the banking and insurance industries), co-founder of Quorum Software (developer of middleware and the official purveyor of Microsoft Word and Excel to the UNIX market. Breiner is assisting several in business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-commerce startups and is a member of the Band of Angels, a Northern California group of mostly ex-CEOs who invest and assist startups.

Breiner was an investor in several high technology partnerships such as Sequoia Technology Partners II, Foothill Associates, The Founder's Fund (biotech), El Dorado Venture Partners, Alpha Partners and, as a consequence, was a founding shareholder in cisco, Nellcor, Myriad Genetics and similar startups. He holds U.S. patents in oil exploration and Internet communications and has several patents pending in other technologies.

He is a co-founder and former trustee of the Peninsula Open Space Trust, a conservation group preserving lands in the San Francisco Bay area and a director for 10 years of the Career Action Center (formerly Resource Center for Women). He is a member of the Advisory Council (quasi-board of directors) of the School of Earth Sciences of Stanford University, chairman of the Geologic Safety Committee of the Town of Portola Valley, California. He is an occasional lecturer in the Graduate School of Business and the Department of Geophysics at Stanford University.

Breiner appears in Portraits of Success: Impressions of Silicon Valley Pioneers and Who's Who in America. He is a Fellow, by invitation, in The Explorer's Club of New York. He is a technical authority on geophysical exploration for oil and minerals, earthquake research and geophysical techniques for exploration and search for buried or sunken objects. He has been a consultant on the detection of submarines, munitions, sunken ships and, in the exploration of archaeological sites, is known for his use of magnetometers to discover 3,000 year old colossal Olmec heads in the jungles of Southern Mexico and as a member of the team that discovered the ancient Greek city of Sybaris in Italy. He is currently a co-leader of a team exploring for a 500-year-old shipwreck in Mexico. In the '60s, he developed the first gun detector at the request of the White House, now a standard for security systems at airports. He received the Outstanding Presentation Award at the International Meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. His Ph. D. dissertation was on the subject of earthquake prediction on the San Andreas fault in California and he still operates a home-built seismograph under his home.
He has published over 50 technical papers and one technical book on the use of magnetometers with over 800,000 copies in print.

One of his hobbies is photography. (See, Crossroads of Empires, Photo Contest)

Sheldon received a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D., all in Geophysics, from Stanford University. He enjoys skiing, hiking, photography, has run ten marathons and has traveled extensively to over 100 countries. He is married, resides in Portola Valley and has two grown children.

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